20 Eastbourne Terrace
London W2 6LG
Telephone: 020 3176 2040


Brand Identity

Unilife is a new student accommodation
company offering the ultimate university living
experience with unrivalled locations and the
very best customer service.

We were asked to develop a brand strategy
and identity and roll out across three key sites
in Portsmouth and Southampton. We quickly
established a core point of difference in the
relationship with their customers, the students.
They work closely with them at every stage to
help shape their living experience, identifying
the little details that make the big difference.
This ongoing dialogue enables the brand to
continually innovate and evolve, which is a
concept that we encapsulated into the
strap line: Unilife, Designed Around You.

Since the highly successful launch in 2012, a
fourth site has now opened in Southampton
to keep up with demand. As well as the identity
we have created print and online marketing,
a website and full signage programme for
all four sites.