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Established in 1790, Hunters & Frankau are the leading premium cigar importer and sole distributor of Cuban cigars in the UK. Cuban cigars are widely regarded as the the finest in the world and this has been Hunter & Frankau’s core business since the 1820s, supplying hotels, restaurants, wine merchants and specialist tobacconists.

We were asked to refresh their brand identity and then implement across a range of media. A core part of their brand architecture is the ‘English Market Selection’ (EMS) which was introduced by Hunters & Frankau as an identifiable mark of quality and authenticity. The logo is applied to all boxes and packs of duty paid Havana cigars that have passed a UK quality inspection. A redesign of the lion icon that had been the recognised mark for EMS was produced with a focus on clarity for their new digital applications. A classic serif font was selected for its warmth, elegance & authority alongside a rich new colour palette. A redesign of their website was then carried out which featured, for the first time, their entire cigar portfolio and a comprehensive ‘Where to buy and smoke’ section for the UK. Over the 18 month project we created branded items, brochure, packaging, van livery, film and website. 

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